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We deliver Spring Tilapia® male fingerlings and juveniles from our hatcheries in the US, Mexico, Central America and Brazil
  • Fingerlings: 0.5 - 1 gram
  • Juveniles: 5 - 30 grams 

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Contacts for sales

Multiplier and Franchise Models.

For other markets in the Americas and Asia we are working through a multiplier or a franchise agreement where we deliver updated high-performance broodstock on a continuous basis against a down-payment at delivery and a yearly franchise fee based on sales.

In addition to receiving updated broodstock, our franchise hatcheries receive operational support from our technical and marketing team.

Please contact our sales team in the US for more information.

We deliver high performance broodstock on a continuous basis to our franchises and multiplicators.
Img 0467 Play the video "Egg collection from Spring Tilapia female. Miami Breeding Nucleus" Egg collection from Spring Tilapia female. Miami Breeding Nucleus
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